Diane VanDerbeek for Rear Commodore

by Diane L. VanDerbeek

I am honored to have been nominated to run for the office of Rear Commodore of the Pacific Northwest Fleet of the Classic Yacht Association.  John and I joined the CYA in 1999 and have been classic boat owners since 1994.   We currently own MV Olympus, a 1929 fantail motoryacht built by the New York Yacht, Launch and Engine Company.  We have other wooden boats as well, including the original tender to the MV Olympus, the Junaluska, which is a 16' motor launch which we found and returned to the big yacht after a 61 year period of separation.   She has since undergone a major restoration.  The latest addition to our collection of wooden boats is a Pocock Single Rowing Shell, which is 28' long, 12" wide and weighs just 34 pounds.  I am working hard at learning to row the new shell, which we named the "Nate Hagen" after a former Olympus crew member. 

Diane at the helm of Junaluska

I am interested in serving on the bridge of the CYA to bring a new outlook and new energy to the organization. I bring my over two decades of experience working practicing law to the bridge, and my retirement at the present time allows me the luxury of devoting the required time to serve on the bridge.  John and I have been very active on the Capital Campaign for the Northwest Maritime Center in Port Townsend.  The Maritime Center will officially open next year during the Wooden Boat Festival.  I am currently serving on the Board of Trustees of the Virginia V Foundation and have enjoyed this position immensely as we work to continue to operate this historic steamship following her multi-million dollar restoration.  I also am a rower and enjoy rowing crew at Lake Union Crew in my wooden Pocock single rowing shell.  Last winter, I served as Project Manager for a major project on the MV Olympus, the replacement of the entire cabin top roof which lasted over four months.  I understand what is required to maintain our boats, and am pleased to report that the project which I managed last winter came in on time and proudly, on budget.  I have the education and experience to assist in the management of the financial affairs of the CYA. 

Olympus at the South Sound Cruise 2008

Olympus at the South Sound Cruise 2008I have several goals which I would like to accomplish.  The first is the organization of a program to recruit and more fully welcome new members.  Having served on the Membership Committee at the Seattle Yacht Club, I have many good ideas about how to accomplish this goal.  There are an ever limited number of boat owners whom we can recruit, and I believe that it is incumbent upon us to formalize a recruiting program and make sure that the new members are warmly welcomed, invited to events, and that they are taught about the importance of volunteering within the organization.  Our "informal" membership committee for years has been Dorin Robinson, and he needs help.  I helped him informally this summer and think that I may have recruited as many as four or five new members.   Our wonderful events are organized by the same group of hard working people every single year.  While institutional knowledge of how to plan these events is important, let's face it, we cannot, as an organization, continue to rely upon the same people to do the same things year after year after year.  We need encourage others to share the responsibility of planning the events, and more importantly, bring new ideas while sharing the work associated with our major events. 

My next area of interest is to organize some fun cruising events.  We have so many events which are boat shows each year, I think that it would be fun to have several short week end or three or four day well organized cruises during the summer where we can enjoy each other's company and our boats while cruising and enjoying interesting itineraries and planned activities.    Having organized the cruising schedule of the MV Olympus for years, I have great ideas about fun destinations. I also have served on the Seattle Yacht Club Entertainment and Power Boat Committees and organized a delightful theme party at one of the Seattle Yacht Club Outstations called the Power Boat Rendezvous in addition to a Gourmet and Spa Cruise.  I know how to plan and successfully carry out events such as these, and I feel strongly that our organization needs organized cruising events. 

Finally, I am passionate about wooden boats and am committed to serving our organization.   I would appreciate your vote. 

Diane L. VanDerbeek
October 18, 2008