Pacific Motor Boat 48

A 1920's style coastal cruiser in Aluminum or Steel.  Although this concept design can be further developed to meet your particular requirements, the goals were to design a boat that would capture the look and feel of the 20's, be inexpensive to build and operate, with simplicity and comfort firmly in mind.  The twin low powered diesels provide redundancy and maneuverability without the need for a bow thruster.  Also, one engine is about the size of a small generator and can be used as such with a cruising generator attached. (Switch engines for it each season.)

PMB 48

Length Overall: 48'-0"

Hull Breadth: 14'-0"

Draft: 4'-6"

Approx. Displacement: 58,000 lb

Power: Twin Lugger L984D 70 hp @2500 RPM

Speed: 9 knots

Construction: Aluminum or Steel


Contact Rick Etsell for more details