Willard Vega 36 Pilothouse

From a Willard newsletter in 1966, president Bill Tighe wrote:

"The new VEGA Trawler (#31) has been launched at last, and is creating quite a stir on the waterfront!  She is at Richardson’s yacht Anchorage and we’d like to extend an invitation to all of you who might be planning to visit our area, to stop in and view the newest member of the VEGA line."

The brochure said:

"The VEGA Trawler is probably the roomiest 36 footer afloat with a total of four separate inside cabins plus large head and full sized shower.  This allows private cruising accommodations for two couples, and an additional large berth in the large wheelhouse. The owner's stateroom amidships doubles as an entertainment lounge with spacious living area, fireplace, desk and bookshelf.  And the lounge seats are both actually double berth size. The primary consideration being offshore cruising, and enclosed wheelhouse is provided to give all weather protection and full visibility.  The Trawler arrangement and profile, based on the husky VEGA hull of William Garden, is a design by Blaine Seeley."

The Willard Vega 36 Pilothouse model was highlighted by Robert Beebe in Voyaging Under Power (1st ed.) on page 71.  Only 6 of this version were built, and they are now particularly sought after in the resale market.


  • Hull: Fiberglass with built in ballast. Full length keel with skeg under propeller.
  • Length Overall:  36 feet
  • Length Waterline: 33 feet
  • Beam Overall:  11' 9"
  • Displacement: 32,000 lbs
  • Draft: 4'6"
  • D/L Ratio:  398
  • Heave Factor: 114
  • Speed (SLR/Knots):  1.0/5.74  1.1/6.32   1.2/6.89     1.3/7.46 1.34/7.69
  • Engine:  Perkins 6-354
  • Transmission: Warner Velvet Drive 2.57 reduction
  • Propeller:  24x22 LH 4 blade
  • Tankage:  Fuel:Two black iron fuel tanks of approximately 150 gallons each. 
  •                  Water:  Two stainless steel 150 gallons total. 

The 6 W36 Pilothouse hulls:

Hull 31 1966



Owner's Page


Hull 33 1967


 Bellingham, WA

 ON936524  36x11.6x7.5 GT: 20 NT:16

(All remaining 36' PH models represented by photos
except Scarborough -- anyone have a photo of her??)

Hull 36 1968


owner's website

ON577042; 36x11.7x7.5 GT:21 NT:16

Hull 37 1969

Dusty Weather

ON520625; 36x11.7x7.6 GT:21 NT:17

Hull 38 1969


Semiahmoo, WA?

Ex-Eykis, Hornblower

Owner's Website

More Info

ex-ON 526927; 36x11.7x7.6 GT:21 NT:17

Note: This hull made a Hawaii Trip in 1987 - read the letter to Willard from the owner <here>

Hull 39 1969

Moon Over Miami

Hit a reef and sank in the Bahamas!   :(


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