Commercial Designs

A representative sampling -- please contact me with your specific needs.

M.V. KAIOU - 35' Shark Adventure Boat for Northshore Shark Adventures, Kaleiwa, Hawaii.  18 passengers, designed to carry an "Anti-Shark cage"  on the transom for people to get up close and personal with the sharks, Jaws style.

Builder: Northwind Marine, Seattle, 2012.


M.V. Voyageur -- 58' Excursion Boat owned and operated by the National Park Service on Rainy Lake in International Falls, Minnesota.  Original design by Oak Hill Marine Design, with modifications and engineering by Pacific Motor Boat Design. Built by Armstrong Marine of Port Angeles, WA.

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M.V. Fast Cat -- 36' Aluminum Catamaran Whale Watch boat, operating from Victoria, BC Canada.  Transport Canada certified, and delivered in 2006.

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New Del Mar -- 75' Commercial Sportfisher, built by Northwind Marine. Operating out of Marina Del Rey, California.



36' Catamaran Dive Boat for Hualalai Water Sports of Kona, Hawaii. Built by Armstrong Marine, Port Angeles, WA





M.V. Northwind -- A U.S. Coast Guard certified, heavy weather boat for the Kauai coast. Based on a navy swimmer reconnaissance vessel, it is certified for 30 passengers. Built by Northwind Marine for Bluewater Express, Kauai, Hawaii.



38' Aluminum Landing Craft -- This boat started out as a 26’ landing craft, but was widened and lengthened to suit the owner’s expanding business. Although the boat is mostly used for cargo hauling, it is certified for 32 passengers for the occasional whale watching or passenger transporting excursion.



30' Steel Towboat --  A twin screw, shallow draft workboat with push knees, this tow boat features a unique hull design allowing large diameter props and excellent stability.


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65' 150-passenger Skaget Belle Riverboat

A functioning sternwheeler, aluminum construction to USCG Subchapter T. (Preliminary design only.)